Xeneth 2.6 - Grafické uživatelské rozhraní (GUI)

User-friendly experience

The well-structured user-level optimization has been taken from the industry-standard GenICam. Any beginner, expert or guru will be able to intuitively use Xeneth 2.6 reducing training needs and cost. Demonstration and first evaluation of all Xenics CameraLink cameras will be much easier and less time consuming with the implementation of the Imperx framegrabber. The user can simply work with a portable laptop instead of a bulky and heavy PC. Any integrator implementing multiple Xenics cameras in a network can establish a direct connection with any of these cameras, again optimizing his time.

Software XenethVlastnosti

  • Alarms
  • Image live view
  • Image histogram
  • Recorder and player
  • Bad pixel replacement
  • Black hot/ white spots
  • Store & analyze digital pictures/movies
  • Calibration wizard
  • Software Development Kit
  • False color mode with various color palettes
  • Continuous access to integration time and frame rate control
  • Line profiles, spot meters, time profiles
  • Thermography (optional)
  • Viewer/selection handling
  • Image processing and filters
  • TrueNUC for continuous real-time image correction


Softwarové funkce Xeneth Basic Xeneth Advanced Xeneth SDK Xeneth LabVIEW SDK Xeneth Radiometric
Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Image live view
Save images
Image histogram - -
Line profiles, spot meters, time profiles - - -
Calibration manager - - -
Camera specific features
Settings management √*
Selections management - - -
Recording - - -
Alarm settings - - -
Thermography - -
Zpracování obrazu
Black hot / White hot spots -
False color mode with various color palettes -
Image averaging -
Auto or manual gain control -
Pokročilé filtry -

*S omezenými funkcemi


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